Coronavirus and the Real Estate Market

In general, I would say the Virus pandemic has driven the Real Estate market into a state of hibernation. Buyers still need to buy but were cautious about going out. Sellers still need to sell, but did not want to expose their homes or families to exposure to the virus by allowing outsiders to come through their homes.

I watch the residential market in my area every morning. During the Covid months (March April, May), new listings in the Watsonville area had pretty much dried up. We would get one or two new listings in a week. In general the count of listings which had come on the market in the past 7 days stood at 3 -5.

This morning that number is 17.

My take on this change is that people are relaxing their defenses...

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A weekly digest to keep you up to speed on the California Coronavirus outbreak.

Welcome to the first issue of our new weekly newsletter covering California’s experience with COVID-19, the novel strand of coronavirus currently sweeping the globe. This is a special edition of the newsletter; all subsequent issues will be sent on Tuesday mornings.

To help you manage the impact of the coronavirus on your business, this Thursday C.A.R. will be releasing a microsite with FAQs, talking points and best practices. Stay tuned for more information.

Because there are many different scientific terms associated with this public health crisis, we are taking a moment in this first issue to make sure we are all on the same page with respect to terminology. Here is a brief glossary of terms we will be using:

  • Pandemic: The worldwide spread of a disease that affects large number...
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What is a Triple Net (NNN) Lease Property?

In United States real estate business, “net lease” is a term used for an arrangement in which the tenant or lessee is responsible for paying, in addition to base rent, some or all of the expenses related to real-estate ownership. These expenses, often called the “three nets”, are property taxes, insurance, and maintenance. [1] Because the rent collected under a net lease is net of expenses, it tends to be lower than rent charged under a gross lease. Net lease types include single net, double net, and triple net leases, with the term “net lease” often being used as a shorthand expression for any of these arrangements. A triple net lease (i.e., one that is net of all three of the major expense categories) is often abbreviated as “NNN lease”, but is still pronounced as “triple net lease”.

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Is This Your Situation: Looking for Ways to Secure a Good Mortgage

Purchasing a new home can be exciting…when you move in!

But before move-in day comes, logistics take the front seat. In order to even begin to look for your dream home, you need to know how much you can afford to pay. To begin this pre-approval process, you need to investigate different mortgage lending sources to see which one offers you the best deal. Here are four easy steps to take when searching for your mortgage.

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Ready to Purchase Your Next Home?

If you’ve decided it’s time to move up to a bigger home or a home in a more coveted area, your next challenge will be getting there financially. It’s likely you’ll need more cash, a larger income and, perhaps, better credit than you had when you purchased your current home. Putting all the pieces in place for the move up could take some time and detailed planning.

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