Is This Your Situation: How Much Money Should I Put Down on a Home?

If you’re shopping for a mortgage right now, chances are you’ve heard a lot of opinions about how much you should spend on a down payment. Many people think that the more you can spend on a down payment the better, but there are some factors at play that may dissuade you from making a large down payment. Keep reading to find out what it really means to make a small or large down payment on a home.

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Triple Net Property Pick of the Month | Dutch Bros. Coffee

For our July Property of the Month, I have selected Dutch Brothers Coffee in Redmond Oregon, because it represents the ideal situation for those investors who are looking to make a start in this field of passive real estate investments.
  • It is: Priced at just under $1.5 million
  • It is: new construction (2017)
  • The lease is for 15 years with 4 – 5 year options to renew
  • It is an absolute triple net ground lease, which means the landlord has no responsibilities at all.
  • It offers a 5.3% return on your initial investment.
  • Income increases 3% per year to cover inflation.
  • Dutch Brothers is the largest privately held drive thru coffee company in the United States
  • The area has seen a ten-fold increase in population in the past 7 years.
There are no guarantees in life, but in the field of triple net investing, this property offers as much assurance of safety as I have seen.

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Informational Seminar 4/20 on Triple Net Properties and 301 Exchanges

We are hosting our next informational seminar Friday, April 20, in Capitola.

Please contact us to reserve your seat.
There are some exciting local properties that have just been listed. Call for specific information
JOHN SKINNER (831) 359-8624
[email protected]

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Are we approaching another Real Estate bubble?

Housing prices in most parts of California and the country have returned to or exceeded previous highs attained in the 2006-2008 market peak, and many are beginning to ask if we are in another bubble that will see a collapse of housing prices similar to what happened 10 years ago.

My sense of the market is that we are not in danger of a collapse in housing prices, but we face a much more insidious problem.

10 years ago home prices were escalating rapicly and people felt they needed to buy now or be left out of the market. The home finance industry created some very innovative loans that allowed people to qualify to buy homes they simply were not qualified to pay for...

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